Koh Chang Village - Klong Son Beach

Our luxury villas are located in the Koh Chang Siam Royal View Village which is located in Klong Son Bay. This exclusive luxury villa development is Thailand's most exciting villa project due to the building quality, the number and variety of outstanding features on offer and naturally its location on Koh Chang island in Thailand.

Koh Chang Luxury Village

The areas of the village are wide-spread and linked by its own private network of roads which are beautifully landscaped with colorful tropical plants. All of the village utilities such as water pipes, phone and electric cables are hidden underground to remove obstruction of the beautiful views.



Village Facilities

There are outstanding communal facilities to meet western expectations within easy walking distance of the villa. At the northern end of the village is the Beach Club, a huge infinity pool, the water sports center and the golf course. At the southern end there is another infinity pool with a wet bar. A bar, restaurant and games facility are currently being built as part of the marina development.