Koh Chang Golf Course Pricing

The Koh Chang golf course is fun and affordable. Following are the green fees. Please note that prices are subject to change and also check the official website for possible updates

Koh Chang Luxury Villa - Golf

Visitors: Green fee for 9 holes THB 300.-

Residents: Green fee for 9 holes THB 200.-

Children: Green fee for 9 holes THB 100.- (under 12 years accompanied by an adult)

Club set rental: THB 150.- per set, per day. (pitching wedge, sand wedge & putter in bag)

(Children's set, small wood driver, 7 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge & putter in bag.)

Each set includes 10 tees and 10 balls. Lost tees and balls must be paid after play. Additional balls can be purchased. Only wood or bio degradable plastic tees allowed.

(Visitors, deposit for Club set rental : THB 2000.- per set or a passport)

Tees: THB 5 per tee

Balls: THB 20.- per ball

(Information curtsey of the Siam Royal View.)